Wind Comfort

Welcome to a new way to estimate pedestrian comfort!
Ingrid Cloud uses automatic real life data to perform simulations in 4, 8 or 16 cardinal directions. The result shows the recommended outdoor comfort for different activities.

Set up and start a simulation within minutes | No manual steps required | Low cost per simulation

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Analyzing the report per season, allows me to know what activities are suitable for each specific location in the outdoor environment.

Architect and Climate Specialist
Easy to use
Upload a 3D model and start an accurate simulation within 10 minutes.
Real-life wind data
Assess wind comfort with real-life wind data based on geolocation
Report contains up to 30 media files: movies, images and raw data.

Wind Comfort simulations for urban planners, architects and real state developers.

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A report image indicates the recommended outdoor wind comfort for different activities. The report is divided into four quarters and are based on two well known criterias: Lawson and Davenport.

Lawson example
Lawson example
Lawson example
Lawson example
Davenport example
Davenport example

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