Wind Comfort

Welcome to a new way to estimate pedestrian comfort!
Ingrid Cloud uses real-life data to perform automated simulations in 4, 8, 16 or 36 wind directions. The result shows the recommended outdoor wind comfort level for different pedestrian activities.

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Wind Comfort analysis is compliant with the City of London's Wind Microclimate Guidelines.

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Analysing the report with the 3D viewer allows me to understand how my design choices are affecting the wind.

Architect and Climate Specialist
Easy to use
Upload a geometry and start a simulation within 5 minutes.
Real-life wind data
Automated simulations with real-life weather data included.
Visualise the wind path in a 3D viewer display.
Included in the report
The simulation report
Once the analysis is ready, a report will be generated automatically. A Wind Comfort simulations’ report contains images, graphs and a 3D visualisation of the flow path. Click the icons below and learn more.
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4 wind directions

A 4 wind direction simulation is ideal for testing and optimising early-stage design. It can also enrich a competitive proposal with an affordable and fast wind analysis.

4 directions

8 wind directions

An 8 wind direction simulation can accurately predict pedestrian comfort scenarios for urban areas. It’s ideal to test and compare in early-stage to mid-stage design schemes.

8 directions

16 wind directions

Highly-accurate 16 wind direction simulations are suitable for validating prediction on pedestrian comfort and recommended to be analysed by a qualified professional.

16 directions

36 wind directions

36 wind direction simulations are recommended by the City of London Guidelines for Wind Microclimate, therefore suitable for validating prediction on pedestrian comfort.

36 directions

Architects & Urban designers

Typical use case

Price examples

Wind engineers & CFD specialists

Typical use case

Price examples

Analyze Wind Effects mitigation using trees in your simulation

With Ingrid Cloud it’s possible to evaluate the impact of trees in the pedestrian comfort and safety analysis. Including one or many porous media in your wind simulations is an easy and effective way to evaluate mitigations solution for wind speeds.

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Vector image of trees

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Need extra help understanding the result of a simulation? Looking for a personalised report? You can order a consultation service directly in the platform.
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