Wind comfort

Welcome to a new way to do wind studies. Ingrid Cloud allows anyone to predict wind behavior in urban areas and its effects on pedestrian comfort.

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I like the fact that Ingrid Cloud gives us a fixed cost and fixed timeline for the delivery of the simulations. Ultimately, our costumers appreciate that as well!

Paul Rogers, Architect and Climate Specialist at BAU Arkitektur

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Wind comfort simulation for urban designers and architects.

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Different resolution levels allow you to run fast and affordable simulations in different design phases. Use high resolution for validation, or medium resolution to optimize the geometry during early design.

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Pedestrian comfort
Image example
Wind effect
Movie example
Wind effect movie

Count on our specialists!

Want a consultancy during the simulation process? Need extra help to understand the result of a visualization? Looking for a personalized report? Ingrid Cloud includes specialist consultancy as an add-on service.
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