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Frequently asked questions

What kind of model do I need to use Ingrid Cloud? What kind of computational resources does Ingrid Cloud use? See these answers and more below.

How accurate is Ingrid Cloud? Have you validated your method? Find the answer here.

  • What kind of computational resources does Ingrid Cloud use?
    Ingrid Cloud uses HPC-resources optimally design to conduct high-fidelity flow simulations. These are some of the fastest supercomputers in Europe.
  • Is your method scientifically sound?
    Yes, Ingrid Cloud is based on more than a decade of research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The method has been published in prestigious and peer-reviewed science journals.
  • How accurate is Ingrid Cloud compared to other available software?
    We have benchmarked our technology against the market leaders and produced more accurate results. Using smart algorithms also eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Have you validated your method and technology?
    Yes, our method has been validated in research, experiments and in benchmark cases. We continuously benchmark our method in workshops organized by NASA and other independent institutions.
  • Can Ingrid Cloud suggest design changes to me or even morph my design based on the result from the CFD simulation?
    Not yet, but we are currently developing computational design capability, which will allow for design optimization functionality such as automated recommendations and morphing.