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Screenshots of our software can be found below. You will soon find report examples and instruction videos here as well.

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How Simulations Works with Ingrid Cloud

1. Register

Register for a free account. Get one simulation for free. No fixed fees, and you can cancel the account at any time.


2. Set up

Select an application and upload a 3D-model. Select three parameters and start the simulation within minutes.

Set up

3. Evaluate

We simulate the flow with smart algorithms on a supercomputer. You will receive high resolution images, time-step videos and relevant plots.


Screenshots and report examples

New sim - 1
New simulation - Step 1
New sim - 2
New simulation - Step 2
New sim - 3
New simulation - Step 3
New sim - 4
New simulation - Step 4
My sims
My simulations
Sim details
Simulation details