Virtual wind tunnel
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Simulate fluid flow around vehicles, aircrafts and more. For designers, aerodynamicists and CFD engineers.

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Virtual wind tunnel application

The virtual wind tunnel application allows you to understand the aerodynamic effects of air, or other fluids, moving past a solid object. This fully automated application can simulate the physical effects of external fluid flow with respect to drag, lift, side forces and sound sources. Upload a model, and initiate the simulation within a few minutes.

You will receive high resolution images, time-step videos and relevant plots to help you understand the result of the simulation. We also improve our report and result pages continuously, and aim to make the reports better and better.

Our platform conducts high fidelity, transient (time resolved) flow simulations in 3D. These simulations are also referred to as Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The computations are performed on a supercomputer with an optimal choice of compute cores for the simulation (up to 50.000 cores). This enables simulations close to reality (depending on the chosen level of resolution). The method, which uses adaptive optimization of the computational mesh, has been published in peer reviewed journals and has been validated in several benchmark workshops.

Typical use cases

Simulation of external flow around solid objects without moving parts. This includes:
  • Vehicles
  • Aircrafts (or parts of aircrafts)
  • Structures exposed to wind

Not suitable use cases

The Virtual Wind Tunnel application is not suitable for simulating internal flow. If your model contains channels or tubes in which the fluids can enter, there is a risk that the simulation will fail to commence or produce bad results.

The application assumes moderate to large Reynolds numbers (Re > 100,000), that is, models of small dimensions or using very low inflow speeds, or viscous fluids, may produce bad results. For more questions regarding use cases, please contact us