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With Ingrid Cloud you can do easy-to-use and accurate wind studies. Ingrid Cloud harnesses the power of supercomputers and reveals how the aerodynamic forces affects your design.

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Design and innovate with Ingrid Cloud. As a designer, you can run wind simulations on your own, without help from CFD engineers.

Design and innovate

Design and Innovate

The design process is about meeting needs by solving problems. It involves making multiple choices, while each prototype iteration has different airflow characteristics. Verify their perfor­mances anytime, even at the earliest stages.

Let designers simulate

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Ingrid Cloud makes wind studies easy. Our fully automated simulation software can be operated by non-experts. The designers can run tests on their own without any help of CFD engineers.

Validate and refine

Validate and refine

Run high fidelity simulations performed by supercomputers and benefit from reliable and accurate wind simulations. Refine your model with every iteration and make your first prototype flawless.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Reduce the total simulation runtime by 86% using the top-notch Ingrid Cloud algorithms. Benefit from the best computing power deals negotiated by our company and cut the total cost per simulation by up to 70%.