CFD simulations Web API

With our cloud-based Web APIs, you can Integrate Ingrid Cloud into your own workflows and tools. This gives you access to our powerful CFD technology platform with high-fidelity wind simulation applications.

Why use our API for Wind Simulations?

It’s an easy and flexible way to integrate accurate wind analysis into existing simulation or design workflows. It allows designers and engineers to run Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations to CAD processes.

  1. Start a Wind Simulation directly from your workflow/software.
  2. Ingrid Cloud pre-processes your geometry and runs the simulations in some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.
  3. Access and integrate raw data into your project, or analyse it in our 3D web platform within hours.
Integrate accurate wind simulations into your generative design tool.
Full control: adjust resolution and other settings to customise the simulations to your needs.
Get cost efficient: adapt your geometry to optimise use of computational resources.

Computational resources used in Ingrid Cloud’s CFD simulations vary according to 3 main factors which all are controlled and chosen by you:

  1. Number of wind directions and resolution level
  2. Size of the geometry
  3. How dense/complex the area in the model is


From 495 USD monthly access fee

For professionals that need at least 6 wind simulations per year
Access Ingrid Cloud's solver via Web API or directly on the browser
Get control over multiple simulation parameters to optimize cost

Ingrid Cloud's current HPC resources in use:

  • CPU Type: AMD EPYC™ 7742
  • Cores per CPU: 64
  • CPU frequency: 2.25 GHz
  • Interconnect bandwidth: Infiniband HDR200 200 GBit/s
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While most of our applications have pre-selected parameters that enables anyone to run reliable wind simulations, our API platform allows experienced users to customise several simulation parameters. Here are some of the customisations available:

  • Number of wind directions
  • Resolution level (number of iterations)
  • Probes
  • Trees

We value accuracy!

Commercial CFD codes face a common challenge that is finding the correct balance between accuracy, time to result and price. Ingrid Cloud offers an optimal solution by solving simulations using some of the fastest supercomputers in the world, shortening time to results, while maintaining or increasing accuracy.

Ingrid Cloud’s framework is based on scientifically validated innovations:

  • A parameter-free method for simulations with turbulent flow.
  • Adaptive optimisation of the mesh based on adjoint techniques and a posteriori error estimation.
Read more about our technology here

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