Available in subscription and pay-per-use

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For CFD professionals


Monthly access fee + pay per core hours used during the simulation

  • Available on web platform or via API communication.
  • Ideal for projects that demand multiple simulations.

For designers, engineers and architects

Pay per simulation

Fixed prices per simulations + consultation on demand

  • Easy setup for users with no CFD experience.
  • Ideal for one-time projects: optimize and/or validate design.

Get the most cost-savings with a subscription account. Advanced support and discounts based on subscription.

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Pay per core hour

Fixed price per simulation


Access fee

975 USD/month

Cost per core hour on supercomputer

0.07 USD/core hour

Consultation with CFD Engineers or Software Engineers

97 USD/hour



Fixed price per simulation

You need to be able to trust that the algorithms being used are widely recognised within academia and verified against benchmarks, which is the case with Ingrid Cloud.

André Agi, Computational Design Architect, Link Arkitektur

Ingrid Cloud has several automated applications with pre-selected parameters that allow anyone to run reliable wind simulations. Visit the app pages for detailed price information:

Urban Wind Simulations


Wind Tunnel
Wind Tunnel

Other products

Wind Energy
Wind Energy

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