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We charge per simulation and the prices depend on the level of resolution you choose. We provide resolutions for different design phases, allowing for affordable and data-driven projects. Register now and get one free simulation as a sign-up bonus!

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Price per simulation

From $124
1 wind direction
Medium resolution
Ideal for early stages of the design
Design phase
From $497
1 wind direction
High resolution
Ideal for design optimization
From $2485
1 wind direction
Very high resolution
To validate a case near the end
Prototype is great for comparing a few different design alternatives. Select this resolution to evaluate your design in an early stage or to use the results when you submit your design to a competition.
Design resolution is best when optimizing for a single design. The higher resolution makes it possible to evaluate smaller details in the wind simulation. Providing you with information to refine your design.
Use validation when you want to validate your design with the highest possible accuracy. This will make sure the design is on par with current regulations and requirements from different stakeholders.
  • This level of refinement and accuracy, I’ve never reached before through digital simulations.

    Paul Rogers, Architect and Climate Specialist

Ingrid Cloud vs Traditional CFD software

Ingrid Cloud use automated adaptive meshing and a high-fidelity simulation method (implicit LES). This method provides important information which is not available when using averaged solutions (RANS).

When using traditional simulation software, High-Fidelity simulations are very expensive and require a lot of manual work. With Ingrid Cloud, everything is automated allowing us to offer a lower price with highest reliability.

High fidelity simulation cost
Ingrid Cloud


High fidelity simulation cost
Traditional CFD software


Price example

  • Pamela is an architect working with urban design. She needs to understand how the design effects pedestrian comfort. Pamela bought 15000 tokens, giving her access to a discount of 49%. During the design process she conducts the following simulations:
  • • 3 Prototype simulations: $373
  • • 1 Design simulation: $497
  • • Total cost for all 4 simulations: $870

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Questions and answers

  • Are there any fixed fees in your service?
    If you open a free account, there are no fixed or hidden fees. You pay per simulation.
  • What happens if my simulation doesn’t work? Will I still have to pay for it?
    No, if the simulation fails you won´t have to pay for the simulation. Contact our support who will help you or credit you with the tokens used for the simulation.