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Accurate wind simulations with flexible price models

Are you a CFD Engineer that wants to connect simulations to a design framework? Are you looking for an affordable alternative to consultants? Do you want to use a more reliable solution than OpenFOAM? We have different packages for different needs.


No matter what the price model is, Ingrid Cloud offers accurate wind simulations delivered within hours.

Design and innovate
CFD code with unique capabilities applying implicit-LES
Let designers simulate
Mesh generated and optimized automatically
Validate and refine
Simulations solved in world's fastest supercomputers


From 495 USD monthly access fee

For professionals that need at least 6 wind simulations per year
Access Ingrid Cloud's solver via Web API or directly on the browser
Get control over multiple simulation parameters to optimize cost

You need to be able to trust that the algoritms being used are widely recognised within academia and verified against benchmarks, which is the case with Ingrid Cloud

André Agi, Computational design architect, Link Arkitektur

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Ingrid Cloud is based on a scientifically validated innovation. Our parameter-free method secures high accuracy and control, while minimising steps, human errors and time to result.