JUL 2019, Luma Bendini

7 features not to miss when using Ingrid Cloud

Our easy to use interface has a lot of (not-so-hidden) gems that will help you take the best out of an automated flow simulation.

1. Find the location by typing in the address

Type the exact address of the location where your Wind Comfort analysis is based on. Ingrid Cloud will retrieve weather data information from the nearest station. You can also expand the map and use the pin to adjust the location.

Good to know Weather data is provided by meteoblue.com, a Swiss technology leader in the production and supply of high precision weather data worldwide.

Find this feature

Wind Comfort app > Start a new simulation > upload your geometry > set the location

2. Check Wind Rose for visualization of weather data

For visualizing the typical wind distribution in the selected location, you will find wind rose diagram in your report page. Understand which the dominant wind directions are and what’s their magnitudes.

Good to know Ingrid Cloud uses historical weather data provided by meteoblue.com based on geolocation. The weather data is from the 3 years preceding the current year. Wind speed and direction are considered on an hourly basis for each day of the year.

Find this feature

Wind Comfort app > Simulation report page > Summary tab > Wind Data session.

3. Add an area of interest

Upload an area of interest to highlight the region you’re interested in analyzing. By doing that, you will tell Ingrid Cloud where to focus its efforts of meshing and solving, which will increase the simulation’s accuracy. The area of interest should be a slice, or segment, of the overall area you’re analyzing (example: a single building).

Good to know This is an optional setup, you can upload the entire area, without any highlights, and move on with the simulation.

Find this feature

Wind Load application > Set the resolution > Upload area of interest

4. Download geometry

After the simulation is finished, it is possible to download the geometry from your report page. All geometries will be downloaded in an STL format.

Find this feature

Simulation report page > Summary tab > Blue arrow under the model image

5. Easily navigate through more than 300 media files

Static image visualizations are provided in 51 different positions of the model for each perspective (side and top views). This means you can visualize flow in different spots of the model. Considering images, videos and diagrams, Ingrid cloud generates more then 300 media files for the report.

Good to know Image legend will show the percentage of the depth in which the visualization is been displayed.

Image legend will show the percentage of the depth in which the visualization is been displayed.

6. Get notifications from the simulation progress

Get to know the step-by-step of a simulation by selecting different notification settings.

Good to know By default, you will only receive a notification when the simulations is completed or has failed.

Find this feature

My account > Settings

7. Buy additional help

Need an extra hand to understand the report? Want to have additional visualization media? You can order add-on service directly from your report page.

Good to know One-hour consultations costs 97,50 dollars, volume discounts available.

Find this feature Simulation report page > Add-ons tab