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August 2020


Support Team

August news: What a summer! CFD innovation 10 years ahead of its time and a MAJOR sale

As summer starts to wind down, we know it's bittersweet.

For Ingrid Cloud, our staycation this year has meant lots of productivity. Here's a reflection on all of our innovation during these summer months.  ☀️ 


There's still time to enjoy 50% OFF all CFD APPLICATIONS: A sale so rewarding like a summer breeze.

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Updated open-source versions of DOLFIN-HPC now available

Ingrid Cloud has always been a strong supporter of open-source software. After several years of development, we recently updated open-source versions of DOLFIN-HPC. 

More information on the new release available here.

10 years ahead of its forecast, Ingrid Cloud has achieved many of NASA's developmental goals for CFD

In 2015, a study funded by NASA outlined developmental goals that CFD should reach by the year 2030. 10 years ahead of that timeline, Ingrid Cloud's core technology has produced formal solutions to many of these visions today.

The ongoing development of CFD brings critical value to multidisciplinary industries beyond aerospace that will continue to propagate highly innovative and efficient solutions, which is why it’s important to recognise that these 2030 visions for CFD are advancing today in highly-performative and practical frameworks. Now, in 2020, these developments are tangible and are not far-fetched at all. Click here to read more.


Have you put the new Wind Score app to the test? 

Last month, we launched a new app to support Pedestrian & Wind Comfort studies. Compare multiple design options and make data-driven decisions to optimise wind performance. 

Top 3 reads on Wind Score: 

1. Introducing the Wind Score application

2. Wind Score - Frequently Asked Questions

3. Price & resolution levels

August is for Crayfish! 🦐

In Ingrid Cloud's home country of Sweden 🇸🇪  August is celebrated with a traditional Crayfish party, known as a "Kräftskiva." Will you be joining in on the Nordic tradition?


-The Ingrid Cloud Team ☁️