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December 2020


Luma Bendini

December News: the aerodynamics of a firework rocket and our 2020 wrap-up

New Year’s resolution: to become the most powerful LES-technology in the market

Since October, Ingrid Cloud has been running the new Ingrid Solver, a completely rewritten Computational Fluid Dynamics solver. This is definitely one of the company’s biggest accomplishments of 2020 – and a step closer to becoming the most powerful LES-technology in the market.

Bitbucket links here.

Niclas 2“The modernised solver significantly reduces the necessary turn-around time for a simulation, requiring fewer computational resources while still retaining the same high accuracy of our adaptive methods based on unique goal-driven error estimation”. – Niclas Jansson, co-founder and Head of HPC. Mesh visualisation with 3D viewer


Mesh visualisation with 3D viewer


In January we will release a feature that allows users to check the mesh generated during the simulation directly in the report page. Read more about our automated mesh refinement here.

“We have always offered simulations' raw data for download. But we know most users need not only to get the data but also a friendly way of accessing it. It cannot get any friendlier than visualizing the mesh in a 3D viewer directly in the browser! – Lars Olsson, Software Engineer.

Fireworks in the air: the aerodynamics of a rocket

A simulation of turbulent flow past a firework rocket to wish you all a happy and healthy new year!