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February 2021


Luma Bendini

Building Wind Load calculator

Wind Load is used to refer to any pressures or forces that the wind applies on a building or structure. For architects and wind engineers, knowing how the wind will interact with their building is important for many reasons. 

To avoid unnecessary stress on the structure or avoid a high-rise building swaying in strong wind conditions, you need to do a wind load analysis. Wind load depends on 2 factors: wind velocity; and the size and shape of the building. Ingrid Cloud provides a specific application for that use.

How does it work?

- You Upload the Geometry directly from the browser
- Set wind speed and direction
- And finally chose the resolution.

And that is it! Our supercomputers and intelligent algorithms will do the rest. You will get a notification when the simulation is ready – typically whiting one day. Check the results in the report page and if you need any extra help in understanding the analysis, you can contact us any time.


A time lapse movie shows the wind load in different locations, changing over time. The colors indicate if the pressure is reduced or increased relative to the pressure given at the outflow. Blue colors indicate that the pressure is reduced. Red colors indicate that the pressure is increased.

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