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September 2019


Luma Bendini

Raw data application with ParaView

Instruction on how to use a .VTU file to generate additional visualisations and analysis for Wind Simulations with Ingrid Cloud:

A Wind Simulation report contains more than 300 media files: pictures, movies and graphs automatically generated by Ingrid Cloud. In addition, users also have access to the raw data of the Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation performed.

Using the raw file to generate extra visualisation can be useful for many different reasons: it gives you freedom for positioning the camera and seeing specific spots in the geometry. Also, with the normalised wind speed and pressure provided, you can calculate different magnitudes of those properties along the simulation field.

If you’re interested in using ParaView, a free open source software, to open and visualise Ingrid Cloud’s raw data, please, follow the tutorial (PDF file, 1.7 m size).



This document is an overview, it does not intend to be an in-depth tutorial. If you have no-knowledge within Wind Simulations or Scientific Visualisation, results generated can be false and non-reliable.

Ingrid Cloud offers consultation services to generate extra visualisations or analyse raw data from CFD Simulations.

Please, contact us if you want to learn more about these instructions or need extra help with your simulation process.

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