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June 2020


Luma Bendini

Price and resolution levels for Wind Score


Wind Score is designed as a fast and affordable application compared to other CFD simulation tools available for architects and urban designers. Prices range from 245 USD to 975 USD, depending on the number of models used in a simulation.

Subscription packages are discounted by 20%. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Wind directions

Prices are defined by the number of design proposals you will upload, not by the number of wind directions chosen. For analysing models from multiple wind directions, multiple Wind Score simulations need to be performed.

Each report generated with Wind Score will contain the same wind direction, which is chosen by the user. The wind direction that is selected will depend on what the intended use and purpose of the simulation is – for example, one may want to evaluate wind from a prevailing direction where the wind blows strongly, or you may want to analyse wind that blows towards an area in the design that is most exposed to stronger gusts.

Understand which wind directions to choose in this FAQ.

Resolution level

The resolution for each simulation is coarse - since the aim of this application is to generate fast results that will give an indication and basic understanding of the wind dynamics in a given area. The entire simulation process is automated, and our numerical solver uses a Finite Element Method with an unstructured, tetrahedral mesh. Ingrid Cloud’s adaptive mesh refinement method is capable of identifying regions of the flow requiring higher resolution, depending on the quantity of interest specified in the creation of the simulation, and the residual (the sum of all local errors). Tetrahedra in these regions are subdivided into smaller tetrahedra, increasing the resolution and decreasing the local error. This subdivision continues until the error is sufficiently small throughout the entire domain.