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June 2020


Ingrid Cloud Team

June News: Ingrid Cloud's next innovation is around the corner

We're here to cure you of your boredom with a quick update on what's been going on here at Ingrid Cloud. We have a lot for you to check out, take a look to see what might interest you...🤔

Wind Score: ranking design based on wind performance

Coming soon | Ingrid Cloud is soon launching the Wind Score application. The new app will help architects and urban planners to quickly assess how their design choices are affecting wind behaviour in a given area.

The solution will allow users to upload multiple design options and, based on the CFD simulation results, Ingrid Cloud will rank the models in best and worse wind performance. The criteria used is mean wind speed - lower mean wind speed is considered better, and higher mean wind speed is worse.

  • Fast setup: upload and analyse from 2 to 12 different models.
  • Easy-to-read results: the score is based on the percentage of wind acceleration around an area of interest chosen by the user.
  • Understand Wind Effects: assess the wind dynamics around each model for in-depth analysis in the 3D Viewer.


All of these features come with the best of Ingrid Cloud’s applications: automated workflow, fast time to results and accurate implicit LES method for solving turbulence.

If you are interested in testing the first version of the Wind Score app, leave a comment below and we will add you to a selected early birds list.

Use your own wind data for pedestrian comfort simulations

As an alternative to the automatic geolocation-based wind data provided on the Ingrid Cloud platform, you can now upload your own in a .csv file! 📂 File size is virtually limitless and some users are using this to generate pedestrian comfort analysis with hourly and daily weather data from 20+ years. 

George's top picks!

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George Stevens, our top Sales Executive from our London offices, has been creating a buzz on LinkedIn with his meme-centric articles. In case you missed them, here are our favourite ones:


More simulation raw data available for download

In addition to velocity and pressure raw data, Ingrid Cloud is now displaying the .vtu files for Davenport and Lawson Comfort Criteria on the report page. This means that you can generate personalised visualisations (e.g. different colour schemes) from simulations performed with the Wind Comfort app.

Still working from home? Hang in there! 

Are you still working from home? You've got this! 💪Whether you're in your pyjamas or back to the office, better days to come are on the horizon!