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June 2020


Luma Bendini

Introducing the Wind Score application

The Wind Score App allows users to compare multiple design options and make data-driven decisions to optimise a building's wind performance.

Ingrid Cloud just launched a unique automated application: now architects and designers can easily assess which of their design proposals perform best when it comes to pedestrian safety and comfort. Wind Score is an easy and fast way to compare wind performance for multiple design options, allowing architects to assess and optimise their design for pedestrian safety and comfort. To start, upload up to 12 design options and, based on the CFD simulation results, Ingrid Cloud will deliver a score for each model, ranked from best to worst wind performance.


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Wind Score is designed to support pedestrian wind comfort analysis. The criteria used is average wind speed in the area of interest – which means models with lower wind speeds will score better than the ones causing higher wind acceleration. 

To compliment the analysis, 3D visualisations for wind effects are displayed for each model used in the comparison. Wind effects can be viewed in two different visualisation styles: 

Wind Score comes with the best of Ingrid Cloud’s unique technology


  • All of Ingrid Cloud's applications are run directly from your browser. CFD simulations are solved in High-Performance Computing clusters, delivering fast results without using your local computing hardware or resources.

  • Ingrid Cloud's CFD method is ideal for external flow simulations because it captures the complex scenario that wind forms in urban areas. To learn more about what Large Eddy Simulations are, click here


Wind Score and all of our other applications are available in either pay-per-use or a subscription-based model. For more pricing information, click here.