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April 2019


Luma Bendini

How can wind simulations drive design optimisation?

Never before have architects and engineers had a chance to be so creative when designing a new building! Only recently have the economical and technical advancements allowed them to build unimaginable shapes and forms.

Site conditions, economic aspects, architecture and engineering considerations open new architectural design opportunities. At the same time, designing buildings is an increasingly complex business, influenced by many different disciplines. Here at Ingrid Cloud we believe that aerodynamics must one of them!

Ingrid Cloud is a wind simulation platform that makes it possible for architects and urban designers to run wind analysis in the earliest stage of the design process. With Ingrid Cloud, running large and precise CFD simulations is a fairly simple task that provides important data to orient and inform design choices.

Aerodynamic matters

Bridge Water Place - Leeds, UK

This is Bridgewater Place Tower, the tallest building in the city of Leeds, England. The wind hits the side of the building at the height of 70-100 metres and then it’s pushed downwards and around to the side. The gust gets stronger as it reaches the street level. It is a common urban wind behaviour called the Downwash Effect.

In this scenario, the building acts as a funnel, squeezing a large volume of air into a smaller space, forcing the wind to accelerate more than 5 times! That wind flow is represented in the following simulation:


Now, let’s experiment and add square shapes to the corners of the building to break down the wind forces. As you can see in the video below, the alternative design reduced wind velocity at pedestrian level by approximately 20% compared to the original geometry.


Listen to the wind!

Listen to the wind. Understand it. Having accurate data to analyse wind behaviour has never been so easy and affordable. If you have any questions on how a wind analysis can be useful for your project, send us a message and we’ll help you out!