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November 2019


Support Team

Configuration to export STL models from Rhino 3D Modeling

If you are exporting a geometry from Rhino software to upload to Ingrid Cloud, here are some instructions to follow. This configuration will avoid the creation of unnecessary triangles which, consequently, will create a heavier than necessary file size.

For models set in millimetres, the Polygon Mesh Detailed Options correct configuration is:

Polygon mesh detailed options

  • Density: 0
  • Maximum angle: 5
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 0
  • Minimum edge length: 10
  • Maximum edge length: 0
  • Maximum distance, edge to surface: 0
  • Minimum initial grid quads: 0
  • Uncheck the box "refine mesh"

Ingrid Cloud supports 11 file types, and all uploaded file will be converted to STL prior to the simulation. Removing unnecessary features and details will speed up the simulation time.

Supported geometry formats are STL, STEP, IGES, DWG, DXF, IFC, IFCZIP, OBJ, ASC, LAS, 3DS.