Sep 20, 2018, Luma Bendini

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Here is the big opportunity to buy your first flow simulation with Ingrid Cloud, an easy-to-use CFD solution. Our automated work flow will run accurate wind analysis in a couple of hours.

While our supercomputers work on your project, what about catching up on your readings with the latest engineering best-seller? The book is on us!


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Our reading suggestion

The structural challenges of building 800 metres into the sky are substantial, and include several factors which do not affect low-rise construction. This book focusses on these areas specifically to provide the architectural and structural knowledge which must be taken into account in order to design tall buildings successfully. In presenting examples of steel, reinforced concrete, and composite structural systems for such buildings, it is shown that wind load has a very important effect on the architectural and structural design. The aerodynamic approach to tall buildings is considered in this context, as is earthquake induced lateral loading.

Case studies of some of the world’s most iconic buildings, illustrated with full colour photographs, structural plans and axonometrics, will bring to life the design challenges which they presented to architects and structural engineers.

Price: 105 USD on Amazon Store