Aug 14, 2018, Survey

Thank you for the interest!

The Mesh APP will be soon launched in a Beta Version. You can count on a special offer for early birds ;)

What is intelligent mesh optimisation?

While we build the app, why don't you read more about Ingrid Cloud's unique meshing technology?

Guided by a posteriori estimation of the error in flow prediction, the adaptive algorithm constructs local error indicators that decide what cells in the mesh must be refined to optimize the mesh.

How will it change my current workflow?

  • The app will provide an optimized/refined mesh (exportable in relevant formats) and/or the information (h-values) needed to refine the mesh manually in the CFD-software/solver in use (Ansys Fluent, OpenFoam etc).
  • The app will be able to create any number of layers of prism and Y+ that the user wants to be used for any kind of turbulence model.
  • The solution is not only time-saving, but it also creates an optimized mesh which will be at least an order of magnitude smaller in mesh-size – while maintaining or even increasing accuracy in the simulation.